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March 20, 2018 • Andsim

Yay, we were a website hosting but that dont goes well on that because that i dont own that server and it was controlled by i-fast, and getting spam. i have to shut it down. so we moved is now Andsim blogger site. you can make your own blog site tell about your life or what ever, expected rules we lay down on rules page. Some rule we are enforcing due hosting we are on.

happy  blogging

we will be checking, hearing or report a blog that is breaking our rules will be ban

We have zero tolerance policy on warez, nude, adult and redirection to another website. sorry to say this we must do this. if you don’t do this rules you will be ban.


on other side good blogger will stay, and WE DO NOT Give any information to anyone that handle by us, your email and account and password is untouched..

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